Sybian Sub Part 2

Sybian Sub Part 2
February 1, 2017 Laurie

Sybian Sub Part 2

At some point, we were complete with the Sybian portion of our afternoon. I loved every moment of it, I’ve got to say. Thank you to the Sybian folks for making the absolute best machine on the market. I know he thanks you too!

He then picked me up and carried me to my bed. He offered oral sex to me licking me very slowly and deliberately. I’m sure I orgasmed again and by this time and I’m certain I was screaming. He was so generous with me. He whispered, “I’m putting the leash on you and we’re going into your backyard.” Oh!” I thought.

Blindfold still in place, I couldn’t see anything, but I could certainly hold onto him and follow his lead as we walked out my bedroom doors into the light of day. He placed me naked on the grass and climbed on top of me. There we experienced sexing in the thickest most beautiful grass I’ve ever grown, like a carper underneath us. Oh my god!

Soon we came back into the house and rested for a while. I eventually took off the blindfold and had a little power nap. When I awoke, I found him reclining in my Tantra room near the massage table that I had set up earlier just in case his fancy was to use that too as part of our scene.

And just about on cue, he talked to me a bit asking about other parts of the fantasy and then threw me onto the table and began thrusting into me once again.

By the time we finished this round, I was seriously and happily spent. This delightful afternoon was exactly what I had been craving – to be ravished, but hadn’t known it would be this way until it happened. So glad it happened.

Before he left to catch a plane out, I asked him how it was for him. I knew how it was for me – extraordinary, hottest experience ever! He gazed at me and said, “I’m thinking ‘bucket list’.

Now that’s something to talk about!

We’re now talking about our next rendezvous. Stand by.