Sybian Sub Part 1

Sybian Sub Part 1
January 25, 2017 Laurie

Sybian Sub   Part 1

Where to begin???

So I met this man online a couple years ago. We’ve flirted for those two years on and off. Basically he has told me over and over again that he is very attracted to me and mostly he would love to be my Dom. What this means to anybody who doesn’t understand current D/s vernacular, he wants to dominate me and have me be his submissive.

While I find many things that he has said to me attractive and very hot over the time we’ve corresponded, still it has been a little off putting to me. I say this for many reasons, not the least being that I am very dominant in my life and a very successful and a well known business owner and personality.

So, he and I have gone back and forth many times calling off our communication, then resuming only to be completely turned on again by the things we write to each other and what seems to be our chemistry.

In the early fall, I had occasion to visit his city. I was with a few of my Tantra apprentices so I had no fear to meet a stranger from the internet as I knew they would come to protect me if I needed them to.

We met for a drink at the hotel bar where I was staying. It was near to his home apparently. After one drink, we went for a walk in a nearby neighborhood holding hands and talking. And before we knew it, we were making out in an alley. Hot can’t even describe how it was between us. Our attraction had built up to something so heated that we quickly climaxed just from kissing and rubbing up against each other. Well, maybe a little more than that. He pulled up my dress and gave me oral sex pressed up against a garage wall for less than five minutes and I exploded in orgasm.

He also showed me his cock and I knew it would not be the last time I encountered it. Splendid!

Months passed until we were to see each other again, and many of our plans to get together fell through. So, I decided to call it all off. Some factors involved here are that when he writes to me, he typically tries to dominate me or ask me questions that would lead to domination and I don’t always feel in the mood to respond as a submissive. It’s simply not the way I am wired.

But recently he called me to say he was coming to my city and said that we owed it to each other to at least see how our chemistry worked. Although I protested at first, I agreed to one meeting primarily scripted by him. Translated to people who don’t know what this means, it means he would create a scene we would then play out, a scene where he would dominate and I would be submissive. Of course, I would have input into the scene as well so it would ultimately be a co-creation.

I agreed. (Take a breath). Uh huh. I agreed. And then I wondered about how sane I am for the next few weeks. But I have to admit this was a supreme turn on to contemplate. As a matter of fact, much of the time, I could hardly think about anything else except his impending visit. He admitted to the same, he could hardly think about anything else.

Here’s what the process involved: we told each other exactly what we like in sex. I mean exactly, every nuance, ways to touch, lick, kiss…everything! I don’t believe I’ve ever told anybody this before, not in such great detail. And mind you, I am a great communicator, but this was more than I ever imagined. So intimate.

He told me what he wanted the scene to look like in detail; soft light and candles, shots of tequila, possibility of being outside, sex toys out on display. He told me what he wanted me to wear and how I should be with myself before he arrived. He asked me to be on the Sybian so he could catch me in the act. I wonder how many other people have this fantasy (about me). And he said he wanted me to be somewhere where he had to discover me, not obvious upon entering the house.

He also asked me to leave my front door open so he could just enter my space when he arrived from the airport.

I said, (take a breath), “Yes.”

And I did it all. I set the scene, set up the Sybian, put out chilled Tequila with my special shot glasses, lit numerous candles turned on my little red lights, lit a fire in the fireplace in my bedroom, laid out all my toys. Plus, I had more surprises. I knew he would never believe his eyes if I really played the part all the way so I did. I wore a skimpy red thing, wore nipple clamps, extremely high heels shoes, AND a collar! I knew it would blow his mind. He would lose his shit when he saw me!

Among my toys, I placed a leash, a paddle and a riding crop.

The scene was set. But there was more. Since he didn’t know what room I was going to be in upon arrival and I didn’t want him to hear the Sybian motor, I placed a sound machine in the hallway playing ocean waves. In addition, I placed earbuds in my ears and a blindfold on so I wouldn’t know when he entered my space. This would give him the option to just watch me for a while unbeknownst to me, also to chill out. This notion seemed extremely hot to me.

He texted me when he arrived at the airport and was getting an Uber to my home. First he said he was going to have a drink in the airport just to loosen up a bot. I appreciate honesty so much. Knowing he was a little nervous made me excited and made him more human in my eyes. The he texted he was in the car on his way.

My heart was beating furiously as I mounted my Sybian. At first I tried my favorite purple attachment, but I didn’t like it for this particular day. It felt like I would orgasm too fast and that’s the last thing I wanted. So, I changed to the attachment they call “small” because it looks like a finger. Perfect. Just enough to keep me excited, but not enough to push me crashing over the top time and time again before my visitor even arrived.

So, I put in the earbuds and donned the blindfold. I reached around and had a sip of tequila. Then I started to really get into the Sybian knowing I would soon be watched without my knowledge. What a great fantasy this was turning out to be.

I have no idea how much time actually passed between the time I went inside myself to my own pleasure and the time he arrived. None! All I know is that all of a sudden I felt him breathing next to my face and neck. What a rush I felt all over my body like a jolt of lightening! I think I must have cried out.

Then he gently touched my nipples in the clamps. I know that it blew his mind to see them on me.

And then he pressed his mouth up against my mouth and kissed me the most sensual erotic kiss I believe I have ever experienced in my life. Blindfolded I never had one clue as to what was coming next. He handed me the tequila.  I drank. He handed me water. I drank. He put his hands gently all over my body…I was nourished. Then he used the crop, not too hard. Then he was kissing me again and also changing the speed of the Sybian. So exciting, I probably orgasmed five times or more. I lost count. I know I was screaming either out loud or in my head.

Stay tuned for part 2.