Sybian Continued

Sybian Continued
September 20, 2016 Laurie

I had one of the hottest experiences to date on the Sybian a few days ago. It just gets hotter and hotter.

My lover asked me to show him how it worked. I was a little shy at first. He had to coax me into it. Not exactly sure why, but no matter. We placed the Sybian on my bed and I straddled it facing the foot of the bed. I chose my favorite purple ball attachment, the one that separates my labia and touches almost every part of my inner lips and clitoris.

He took a seat on my Tantra Chair with the controls in his hands. He began to talk to me in a very low voice asking me to show him how I ride it. I sat poised ready to show him, to demonstrate the power of this wonderful machine.

He whispered, “Laurie, show me. Please show me.”

I began to move my hips gently rocking back and forth while he watched. He had the controls, as I said, and he was very keen on bringing the speed up and then taking it down as I paced myself towards climax. He would inch it up a notch and then take it down so as not to have me go over the edge too quickly. This went on for maybe half an hour. Finally, I arched my back as he took it up to a very high vibration and I bucked with built up orgasm as he talked to me, telling me how hot I am, how hot watching me is, watching my every move. I exploded on the Sybian and fell into his ample arms.

He held me, stroking my body, softly whispering to me words of admiration, thanking me for showing him my excitation and orgasm. Then he mounted me and passionately fucked me to Heaven! What a thrilling connection and exchange of sensual and sexual energies!