Everyday Romance by Bill Plikaitis

Everyday Romance by Bill Plikaitis
May 28, 2012 Laurie

Everyday Romance RosesEveryday Romance – Romance Surprise

In terms of everyday romance, it takes Balls to be romantic – everyday.

It takes feeling to share a romantic moment with a perfect stranger or a perfect lover.  Here is what I mean.

One winter’s day I came home from work – late –tired – weary to the bone. My partner came to meet me at the back door. She said “Baby, take a shower, put this on and meet me in the Living Room.”  She handed me a Pink Flamingo covered, Silk Robe I had never seen before.  I obeyed. I took a shower and returned still wet behind the ears and surrounded by moist Flamingoes. Candles everywhere. “Eternal Om” filled our Living Room. Every pillow we owned was on the floor before the burning place of blue-green fire.

“Lie down my love. Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes, my love; I will cover them with your silken sash. You will not need your vision tonight.”

That is when the kissing, the licking and the sucking began. Soon flustered flamingoes hurried away to stand stiff pink century in corners hidden cleverly behind the sensuous sounds of blindfolded love.

Everyday Romance – A Daily Dose of Romance

I see them every day the ones that wait to serve me. Wait to take my payment. Wait to hand me my purchases.

I see their names on nametags pined askew:

Ellen– Thomas– Gwen– Mary– Grace- Margaret

These ones are like flowers I do not know. These ones have shapes and designs I have not noticed closely. When I look closely, I see their individual majesty. These ones deserve appreciation today.

How about some romance today?

Out of the pocket romance.

“Here, are you Ellen? This rose for you. Here is one for Thomas, one for Gwen, one for Mary, one for Grace, one for Margaret, etc.”  Twelve roses are handed out today. Roses from an admirer. Heart to Heart, Eye to Eye. Appreciation – the core of Everyday Romance. We all can act and give a Dose of Romance any day even every day.

Everyday Romance – I Never Knew I Could Be Romantic

I saw a beautiful woman walk into Marshall’s. She was in step behind her shopping girlfriend as she passed trough the door I was exiting. I was transfixed. The woman was beautiful and she sent out a love vibration of good will and great cheer.

Later I found myself in line behind her shopping friend. I said to this woman that I noticed her friend and that “I think your friend is beautiful” and would she share my observation with her friend. She said she would. She next said that my request was “very romantic”.  See, the thing is, at the moment before she spoke I never knew I could be romantic. This experience proved two things to me:

1. If you feel romantic why not have the courage to act and express it in the moment.

2. If I can be romantic, so can you.

Everyday romance.