Cheating and Betrayal on Sex and Happiness this week!

Cheating and Betrayal on Sex and Happiness this week!
August 9, 2011 Laurie

Profile of a Cheater

This week on Sex and Happiness I interview Sari Cooper, a New York based relationship and sex therapist, author of the Sex Esteem Blog.

Sari explains the profile of a cheater; aka Narcissist and then discusses how partners can deal with the occurrence of cheating.


Sari talks a lot about what to do, what actions can be taken to heal the trust between people after a betrayal takes place. Some of it is very surprising I must admit.  For example, where I thought once a betrayal takes place, one might not want to have sex with their partner for awhile.  Sari says they often have more sex as a result of the betrayal than they did before.

Is there Hope?

Sari offers much needed practical and helpful information on this topic and gives hope when many would think their hopes were crushed. There is a certain communication that must take place to heal the wounds and often with a third party, a person like Sari.

Cheating is a very important topic in this day and time with divorce rates skyrocketing. A must for anyone who thinks their partner is cheating!

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