Changes to Butterfly Workshops Blog Coming Soon!

Changes to Butterfly Workshops Blog Coming Soon!
March 15, 2012 Laurie
Butterfly Workshops Blog

Butterfly Workshops Blog

The question: Changes to Butterfly Workshops Blog – What Changes?

Ahhhhhhhh…blogging! The Butterfly Workshops Blog and what to blog about – that is the question! What should the changes be to enhance and increase readership of Butterfly Workshops Blog? Changes to Butterfly Workshops Blog are coming soon!

So, I took this course on blogging recently. Well, it was on blogging and everything else that’s growing and changing on the internet. What a fabulous course it was and intense, so intense. I must say that I learned far more than I ever expected. I am grateful to Small Business Success Summit 2012 for offering such a quality webinar.

Content means everything in the changes at Butterfly Workshops Blog!

I learned that content is everything and that changes are necessary to Butterfly Workshops Blog.

I realize that I have plenty to write to you about.  I just have to do it! Actually I have so much that I don’t know where to start. Ever experienced this problem? This is not a bad problem to have.  It’s the problem of abundance. Right! No problem at all! Just start writing! And so I am telling you about it, disclosing my plan.

Ask YOU about changes to Butterfly Workshops Blog

The best way to discover the content you want to hear about and learn from for changes to Butterfly Workshops Blog is to ask you! And that’s exactly what I am going to do. I am sending a newsletter this week with a link to a short survey (I mean 3 minutes or less). I want to hear from you as to what you want on all fronts. What do you desire to learn? How do you prefer to learn? A few simple and basic questions! Here’s a link to take the survey in case you happen not to receive the newsletter.

Then I will go to work about creating wonderful content, new wonderful content, just like the content that has already been offered by Butterfly Workshops – the best! The content we’re known for is clean and crisp, demystified and no-nonsense. It is delivered with integrity, ethics and a concern for participants comfort and safety. Butterfly Workshops had been offering courses since 1999 inside my vision of being the change I want to see in the world and my very high standards and attention to every detail. I am proud of this fact and this is not going to change!

Here’s a really sweet video testimonial from Rosy, a student and fan of Butterfly Workshops who talks about the quality of what she received from her training.

So, new blog content (and even new course material) are on their way!

Oh and there will be guest bloggers too!  Maybe you could be a guest blogger!

Hope you enjoy the changes to Butterfly Workshops Blog coming soon! I am so excited!