California Tantra Festival 2017

California Tantra Festival 2017
September 23, 2016 Laurie

Wow, wow, wow!

What a fabulous event set in Sequoia National Park central California. Kudos to organizers James Stevenson and Eugene Hedlund.

I had the time of my life!

I offered two workshops, co-facilitated another and attended a couple. Loved my sister and brother facilitators and really got to deep dive into some new realms for myself.

Mostly, I opened my heart to more love than I have ever felt in the transpersonal realms. I didn’t care about sex per se. I opened to fill myself with love coming from all directions and from many different people. I was surrounded by love. I breathed it in. I allowed it in through touch. I accepted it in the form of service from my apprentices. I even got to ride in a canoe to a rock island for a romantic dinner by the light of the full moon, an amazing adventure!

I am honored to have been invited and to have worked side by side with KamalaDevi and Michael McLure, Shawn Roop, Macaya and Kathleen, Rachel, Richard and Niraj.  And I loved seeing familiar friends and fellow Tantrikas as well as meeting new people stepping up to this path. I will attend next year for sure as this event continues to grow.

I invite anyone who has the curiosity and inkling to participate in a sensual and safe event. The container here was beyond anything I have experienced before.

Thank you!