Business Stories Shared with Charlotte Plott

Business Stories Shared with Charlotte Plott
May 5, 2015 Laurie

Here’s the write-up and the links to the interview I did with the wonderful Charlotte Plott from Eliances – Scottsdale, AZ:

Laurie Handlers shares the importance of establishing trust, and compassion with your clients as you pursue your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

To enjoy this awesome interview click here!

Success Quote:

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make” The Beatles

Business Failure:

A business failure has not been in my life.  A relationship failure did happen, however I kept moving forward and my students didn’t even blink an eye.  However I kept working on my pursuit of what I have to bring to the planet.

Entrepreneurial AH-HA Moment:

During the Clinton administration, I designed a Welfare to Work program to teach work ethics.  For those who have three generations of being on welfare as a recipient, what would it be like to have the ethic of what it is to have a job and go to work. I won awards for those programs.  With the change of administration, those contracts went away, so I took my hobby – which was sacred sexuality, I was studying Tantra – a few thousand years old set of practices and science,  and I made that into my vocation.  I said to myself, sex always sells so I’m going to sell that!

I’ve had the most fun because I get to talk to people about their most intimate situations about the oldest subject, sex.  I get to talk to people, coach people, counsel people and be compassionate to people who need to talk to someone. That’s why I get invited all over the world to talk to people.  I love my job.

Current Business:

I alluded to a new area – pursuing professional ball clubs.  I’m working on a television treatment and two new films.  I’ve been invited to co-teach with a neuropathic doctor who lives on the big island of Hawaii on the subject of bliss medicine.  The GOE3 Team, the people who are going across the country with electric stations to charge electric cars I may become part of that effort as well.  So there are some very exciting projects on the horizon.  I have no limit as far as I’m concerned.

Small Business Resource:

Laurie’s spiral notebook

Best Business Books:

“Sex & Happiness” by Laurie Handlers

“Letters to the Earth” by Mark Twain

Tantra Master Osho, who has 600+ books

 Interview Links

To listen to interview click here. – you have to sign in to access the site, however there are 100 videos there with little snippets of answers to many questions.