Bliss Beginners Tantra by Tia

Bliss Beginners Tantra by Tia
February 28, 2017 Laurie

Bliss Beginners Tantra


Hello there! To introduce myself – my name is Tia, and Laurie has invited me to share some thoughts with you about my recent experience as a participant in one of her Tantra classes. The one I did in January was her introductory, day-long Tantra workshop called “Bliss Beginners Tantra”, and I would say it is appropriately named! I’ve been learning about Tantra and sacred sexuality practices through various workshops and trainings for over a decade. What began as a journey for my own personal use and growth, eventually became my profession after a few years. Now, I share aspects of these powerful, sacred practices as a professional “Tantrika”, working with men and women to empower their lives through the use of sexual, life-force energy. I do most of this through one-on-one private sessions while Laurie generally shares her wisdom in group situations, such as in classes, workshops and retreats.


Since I have not been to an introductory Tantra event in many years, it was wonderful to participate in a gentle yet very powerful class such as Bliss. Laurie begins the day with various movement exercises that are both energizing and fun! This is followed by some opening instructions, getting to know each other better, and then moving through various sound and breath exercises. She also incorporates some smaller group break-out exercises along with individual emotional release practices. These are designed to help clear and let go of negative emotional energies so that we may live our lives with less stress and more creative balance.


Throughout the day, Laurie reminds us that modern day Tantra practices are about breath, sound, movement and presence. She incorporates these things in practical and meaningful ways so that one has some tools to take home. One young woman had a beautiful breakthrough with buried emotions leading to a deep level of inner peace. Another participant left with a much greater sense of what was truly important in his life. A couple that attended went home with better communication skills and perhaps a juicier sex life! Whatever it is you are looking for, I believe you will take home something that allows you to live life more fully. I really enjoyed Laurie’s teaching style and it seemed that everyone else did, too. I highly recommend the Bliss workshop to any and all who desire a greater connection to themselves and an introduction to the wonderful world of Tantra


Love, light and laughter,