Videos about Laurie

RAAD Festival August 2017

Introduction to Tantra Demo with Alan Seinfeld, New Realities TV

Making Love in the Unknown – Sex and Sensuality Panel New Life Expo, NYC 2009

Self Activating Ecstasy at Any Age – People Unlimited 2015

Women’s Orgasms, Seduction, Surrender -Sex and Sensuality Panel New Life Expo, NYC 2010

Body Image Bathtub Talk 2012

4 Keys to the Mastery of Self Love

Benefits of Tantra

Tantra and healing the World – Interview with Dr. Judy Kuriansky

Benefits of Tantra – Sex and Sensuality Panel New Life Expo, NYC 2008

Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy Book

Tantric Tourists Trailer

Tantric Tourists the Original Trailer

Sex and Happiness Show with Sexy Chef Wendy 2015

Frank Mondeose Interviews Laurie 2016 – Living Forever

Sacred Sexuality TV – Sacred Sex Practice with or Without a Partner

Laurie’s ISTA Testimonial

Wake Up America 2014 – Laurie interviewed about Sex Education in America

Wake Up America 2014 part 2 – Laurie Interviewed about Sex Education in America

ISTA Panel: A New Paradigm for Sexual Health and Well Being, Montreal Conference 2015

ISTA – Costa Rica 2016 – Healing Energy and Sovereignty with Frank Mondeose

About Violence in the NFL

The Edge Podcast with MikeG
Episode 42: Laurie Handers

Entrepreneurs ‘N Fuego
Laurie Handlers of Butterfly Workshops (episode 391)

SEX & HAPPINESS – Interview with Laurie Handlers

Laurie Handlers: Sex Magic – Fueling Your Intentions with Your Orgasms

Biz 1 on 1 with Randy Lennon
Laurie Handlers – Full Interview