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Meria With Laurie Handlers – Sex and Happiness

2/3/16 Meria interviews Laurie Handlers, leading expert on happiness and intimacy. With Venus & Valentines Day approaching, perfect timing for a show about sex …


Sex Magic and Tantric Public Policy with Laurie Handlers

In this episode I’m joined by the illustrious Laurie Handlers for a discussion about modernizing Tantra and designing new public policies to support sexual exorcism …


Join us tonight as we discuss tantra tips and tricks and how to use and embrace our sexual energy. And tonight we’ll also discuss, how to have a mind blowing sexual experience by utilizing Tantra.


Sextacular® You! by Dr. Lori on iTunes

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The Edge Podcast w/MikeG-Ep042-Laurie Handers

On The Edge, Laurie Handlers is the Queen of emotional release and that’s just one of her titles! Laurie is a Master Tantra Teacher, entrepreneur, filmaker, …


Biz Stories Shared by Charlotte Plott on iTunes

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Ecstatic Sex: 5 Ways to Reclaim our Pleasure at Any Age

I am of the age where people say I should be on my way to drying up—over the hill. I should be finished with all that. Au contraire. I am a woman well into my 60s …


The Spiritual Playboy Blog – Let Love Free – Episode 61: ISTA – Costa Rica 2016 – Taking Steps, Crossing Bridges

Welcome to The Spiritual Playboy Vlogs, following our guide Frank Mondeose in his worldwide adventures in spirituality and ecstacy! In this episode – Frank Mondeose heads to the ISTA training in Costa Rica …


100%-podden SPECIAL meet tantraqueen Laurie Handlers

Meet amazing tantraqueen Laurie Handlers in #100procentpodden. A talk with Charlotte Cronquist on love, tantra, and the meaning of life.


Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed Online Radio by susun weed

Herbal Medicine is People’s Medicine: simple, safe, effective. Bring your curiosity and health questions. Susun will enlighten, surprise, and delight you..


Chandi Devi: Laurie Handlers on Tantra

Laurie Handlers, tantra workshop teacher is a returning guest. She recently starred in a documentary film shot in India three years ago along with a number of Butterflies. Tantric Tourists has won awards at three festivals in …


VividLife Talks with Edie Weinstein: Laurie Handlers: Sex and Happiness

If you are wondering what it IS, you will definitely want to listen in as Edie Weinstein’s guest on It’s All About Relationships. The effervescent Laurie Handlers. I know that you will be expanding your experience of what it means to live an orgasmic life.


The Sensuous Mystic Sex Spirit with Rev. Goddess Charmaine: The Butterfly Goddess (Laurie Handlers) shares erotic enlightenment and more!

Rev. Goddess is Happy to share time with, Laurie Handlers, founder of Butterfly Workshops! And is a best selling author, film producer, radio show host and sex educator.


Andrew Aloha: Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled – 29 January 2016

This online Tantra Session will be filled with spice, nice, and everything right. Aloha will be joined by Tantrica Maha Dakini Lorae, Sacred Sexuality Educator, certified Tantric Counselor & Tantric Healer; and Laurie Handlers, film producer, sex educator, author, and intimacy coach.


The Sensuous Mystic Sex Spirit: Godess Panel…Love Sex Spirit and MORE

The Goddesses Reunite to continue their discussion from when they all Appeared at The Museum of Sex in NYC last May! Join the fun fabulous insightful and healing knowledge of each of these beautiful Goddesses in their own right!


Sex and Happiness

Join Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce and Laurie Handlers, Tantra Master and International Sex Educator as they discuss the pure MAGIC of SEX ENERGY!