30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 5

30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 5
March 19, 2016 Laurie

Oh, my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!

Or should I say “Om I’m god!” “Om I’m god!” “Om I’m goddess!”

Last night it was late as I mounted my sturdy Sybian. I had the intention to go further than I had gone before. I wanted to have multiple orgasms galore although I wasn’t sure I could let go into it that far, especially with it being so late at night.

But my intention got the better of me. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here’s what happened…I lubed up the flat beginner’s piece. I climbed on and I turned on the vibration at a very low speed. I let myself gradually get accustomed to it. I noticed myself tensing some my vaginal and anal muscles. I consciously let the tension go. I relaxed more and more onto the machine.

Now the flat piece isn’t entirely flat. It has a kind of nub in the middle like a knuckle of somebody’s hand. As I relaxed I noticed I could sit right on that nub. Gradually and slowly I began to turn up the level of vibration. With each notch up, I opened myself more by consciously breathing and relaxing.

And this became oh so pleasurable. I begin to fantasize about my lover. I imagined him with me. I imagined him running his fingers over my skin producing chills in me. I imagined him speaking to me sweetly encouraging me on, on to ultimate pleasure. I just kept opening to the pleasure right there in the moment.

Finally, when I was as open as I could imagine myself to be, I turned up the vibration to what might be considered lawn mower capacity plus. And I had the ride of a lifetime!

My entire being shook rattled and rolled into orgasm after orgasm as I opened to the oneness of the cosmos. I had visions, emotions and a vast and deep connection to all that is as the orgasms thundered through me!

When I finally turned the Sybian off, I couldn’t move for a very long time. I just sat still until my breathing quieted down. When I finally climbed off this amazing machine, I held my hands to my external vaginal mound and pressed hard to ground myself. It was at that moment that I noticed my vaginal opening seemed to be wider than ever like wide open! I felt like I had opened and given birth to the cosmos! I know that I and many of my sisters have lovingly called our vaginas the “Yoniverse” and now certainly I felt mine in an entirely new way.


I think I will take tomorrow off and then use the next attachment. I feel I’m past beginners Sybian.