30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 30

30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 30
August 13, 2016 Laurie

At last, my Sybian Challenge reaches its last day! Truth? Naw! I’m never stopping my Sybian Challenge, ever!

Just spent last weekend in San Diego with Dave Lampert and Bunny Lampert, father and daughter Sybian team, inventors and creators of this infamous machine – Transhuman is what I call it. If people are eventually going to have robotics inserted into them to replace vital organs, and possibly even download their brains into robots well into the future, why would people resist having great sex with machines? From many of the comments we got at our booth together, it seems that some men felt really threatened by the notion that women could have great sex with this particular machine. It’s as if they felt they would be replaced.

So let me say this loud and clear, NEVER! Never would a Sybian replace a man!

The fact that I have been having sex with my Sybian for months now has nothing to do with replacing my partner/s. As a matter of fact, the times I engaged a partner when I was riding my Sybian were by far hotter than the times I was alone with the machine. Why? I am stimulated by connection. I am mostly “sapio-sexual” meaning my brain gets turned on before my body. I am seduced by intelligence not sheer animal attraction of the physical.

So, that said, I had my 30th Day Challenge when I arrived home from #RAADFest. This time was very different. First of all, I decided to turn myself on before mounting the machine. So, I actually got myself off fantasizing about my partner making love to me while using my Hitachi. I had a fast and powerful orgasm.

Then I decided to go on my Sybian.

I went on my Sybian for a long time (as Dave Lampert coached me to do) and had the fantasy that my partner surprised me by coming here just as I was riding it. When I imagined him walking in and seeing me on my machine and saying things to me like how much it excited him to see me pleasuring myself, I had massive orgasms one after the other and again and again.
Ta dah!