30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 29

30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 29
August 1, 2016 Laurie

Well, guess what? I discovered a new attachment to my Sybian that I had never looked at before. Amazing isn’t even the word for it!

It’s purple and a smallish type penis shape with a hooked bulb end. I read that as G-spot stimulator. I don’t know how I missed it in all these weeks. Everything in its own time.

I put that attachment on and lubed it up. I liked the feel of it much better than the small (read big) dildo type attachment I have used before. This one didn’t fill me up, but felt just right for touching my G-spot. Actually it felt really good.

I turned on the rotation slowly, then the vibration slowly. I was able to go up and down, up and down in terms of speed and stimulation for much longer than usual. I might have been on the machine for half and hour to forty five minutes with this one. I had many orgasms of smaller intensity and came very close to a huge G-spot orgasm with the possibility of amrita flow, but didn’t as yet. I realize I’m almost at the end of my challenge, but definitely not at the end of my Sybian use. I’m so glad I discovered this one. This is a keeper!

I am so excited to also announce that I will be at RAADFest this coming weekend August 4-7 in San Diego sharing a booth with the creators of Sybian, Dave Lampert and his daughter, Bunny Lampert. It’s a Radical Life Extension event and I am so stoked to introduce Sybian as a Transhuman possibility. For women who do not have partners, machines are a good substitute when it comes to the Sybian Machine (even for women who do have partners and don’t need any substitute). Sybian is a good addition to the bedroom no matter what. See you two in San Diego!