30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 27

30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 27
July 31, 2016 Laurie

It’s been a while since I used my Sybian. There’s no good reason to not go on the Sybian that I can think of. Really. It’s so stimulating and produces such great results in me. But I didn’t feel moved to ride it in a few weeks. I can attribute this to two factors.

The first is that I was away for five weeks and when I came home there was a whirlwind of things to attend to. I have been swamped ever since landing back in the States.

The second is way more personal. I am having a torrid love affair and it’s very hot and when there are times that we are in a bit of doubt, I cannot lately bring myself to be sexually self-stimulating. I know. I know. This is crazy and also antithetical to who I am. AND I feel what I feel. No explanations. No justification. I’m not judging myself and so I am sharing with you and don’t particularly want to be judged as I write this. This is just how it is right now.

So, today I had the urge to get on the Sybian. And I did. I placed the “small” (read large) dildo attachment on it and mounted the machine. I turned everything on low and just got related to it again. Before long I turned up the vibration and then the rotation. Not only did I have a long and extended orgasm after about ten minutes of stimulation, but I had a huge emotional release session. I cried and cried after the orgasm. I really needed that. It was beautiful for me to experience this after such a long absence from my beloved machine.

Transpersonal = Transhuman.

My conclusion is that the Sybian definitely adds to my life on many dimensions. Would never want to live without it.