30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 25 I’m Back!

30 Day Sybian Challenge – Day 25 I’m Back!
June 27, 2016 Laurie

Freshly back from my travels, of course, I was anxious to get back to my Sybian. Someone recently said of the Sybian, “It’s the date that never stands you up.” I laughed when I read that and knew I would be coming home to mine soon thereafter.

Well, I had quite the trip abroad. I facilitated Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience Training in two different countries, Canada and Ireland. Then I participated in a course Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation in yet another country, Spain. So, in terms of recent experience, I was certainly not lacking in any sexuality or sexual stimulation during my time away. (I’m happy to tell you more about these profound life-altering courses. Just ask me.)

But, there was a thrill when I contemplated coming home to my Sybian machine as the time got closer. There’s something wonderful about being able to have orgasms at my pace, my speed, my way when I want them without having to interact with another. It’s not better per se, just different. I enjoy both.

So the day after I arrived home, I got out my Sybian, put on the large penis attachment (it actually is the smallest one), lubed it up and climbed on. I didn’t realize that I had left the vibration switch turned on the last time I used the machine so it began to vibrate fast right away. I dialed it down and sat there immobile for a bit. Then I began to gradually speed it up. I chose not to use the rotation factor on this occasion.

An interesting thing happened. I began to feel like I wanted to respond to the machine instead of just being done by it. I began to rock on it and actually have sex with it, as in fuck it. It was awesome to feel this way. I lasted a lot longer on the machine this time than ever before. It was like I was actually having sex with an animated partner. I was fully engaged.

I experienced a roaring orgasm that lasted quite some time.

About ten minutes after I dismounted from the Sybian I actually had an appetite for more. I chose to use my Hitachi vibrator and my crystal wand. In session two, I was able to make myself have a female ejaculation. It was easy I guess because I was so open and primed by my Sybian ride. What a great self-pleasure welcome home!

It just keeps getting better!