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My Feelings About the ISTA Level 1 Training

We’re offering the ISTA Level 1 Training

Better known to many of you as the SSSex Level 1, this week-long retreat will be offered in Phoenix, AZ Sept 21-28. The facilitators are my self, Crystal Dawn Morris and Lawrence Lanoff. I f I say so myself, we are an amazing team!

I thought I should share my feelings about it with you here.

For more details, you can click the workshops tab above and find out everything you need to know in order to join us! Please consider this invitation seriously. This training rocks!

Friends with Benefits

Sex and Happiness Show this week

Reid Mihalko, shares about his experience creating friends with benefits and how it adds to his sex and happiness.

If Jon Stewart and Dr. Ruth had an illegitimate child, it would be sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko who helps adults create more self-esteem, self-confidence and greater health in relationships and sex and happiness in their lives.

Reid describes how a person goes about finding and negotiating the possibility of having sex and other cuddly experiences with people one knows or meets. Lots of fun, sex and happiness!

Sex and Happiness Show

Sexy Threesome and Kink/Poly Positive Psychotherapist

Sex and Happiness Show this week

This episode of Sex and Happiness features two of three co-partners who organically fell in love. They weren’t looking for love. They were looking for great sex with no strings! Leena and Remy talk about previous relationships where they could never be themselves. They vulnerably expose how damaged they were and how they came together and healed themselves and also came together with Nessa, their third partner. They feel non-monogamy adds to their ability to communicate and has changed their lives for the better.

In Segment 2 of Sex and Happiness, Stephen Biggs, a Toronto psychotherapist, joins the show to discuss his specialty – negotiating consensual monogamous and non-monogamous relationships. His biggest message is to act courageously in personal matters in order to get what you want in your relationships. In other words, go for what you want in your life. Discover your power, try new things, take risks and be open to failure and success.

This is a Sex and Happiness episode for people poly curious, bi-curious, kink curious and those who are looking for help about these lifestyles.

Sex and Happiness Show

Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life

Sex and Happiness Show this week: Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life

This episode features four co-authors of the newly released anthology Sexy Secrets to Juicy Love Life. The compiler of the book Lorii Abela, matchmaker and expert on soul mates leads off explaining how/why she called the twenty nine authors into this project. Lori is followed by Stacey Murphy, sex and intimacy coach specializing in helping women attract empowering relationships. Stacey offers powerful tips for being seductive and sensual. Then coach Michael Santonato, author of “Single and Stuck” and “Find ‘Em Keep ‘Em” weighs in on sex and attracting the right partner. Finally, international relationship mentor, author Rach Wilson discusses how couples have to discard “the rules” and make their own to be happy ever after!

What a line up! This show featuring Sexy Secrets to Juicy Love Life is packed with hot tips for everyone – those in relationship and those looking! The giveaways are many! Don’t miss it!

Sacred Sexuality in Peru



Solstice PujaWinter Solstice Puja with Laurie Handlers 

What is a Puja? Puja in Sanskrit means reverence, honor and adoration or worship. In this ancient ceremony men honor and bless women as the Goddess. Women honor and bless men as the God. It’s a beautiful way to show respect and experience deep connection.

Why is a Puja so special?  During Puja, each participant is fully present in every moment while making offerings to the God or Goddess in each person. Each participant honors himself or herself by attending!

Puja is very special to me! It was in just this ceremony many years ago that my life shifted never to go back to the old way of being for me. I experienced myself as being love, being worthy of love, being loved! I cried my way through the first go round when the women rotated to each man and the men kissed our feet and our bellies. I certainly had never experienced anything like this before! Somewhere in the middle of the ritual, I decided to make this life my reality – men honoring women and women honoring men.  Soon thereafter Butterfly Workshops was born.

This is a Winter Solstice event in Phoenix will be spectacular!

If you are in Arizona, please come and join me! I will be honored to have you there.

When Saturday 12/21

Time: 8-10pm

Go here for more information.



New!!! Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual Testimonials Video

Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual Testimonials Video

Here’s some great testimonials about my latest Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual course! These people and the others who attended were on fire. I hope you enjoy it! It’s only a minute, yet powerful!

New Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual Testimonials

Perhaps you’d like to take your lovemaking to a higher level? Perhaps things have gotten stale between you and your partner? Perhaps you want to use your orgasms to create what you want in your life?  All this is possible through this amazing course. Just click play and see what these people had to say about it!

Is Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual for you?

Yes, absolutely if you said yes to any of the questions above. There is a pre-requisite. You have to have taken either my Bliss: beginner’s Tantra course or someone else’s beginner’s Tantra course before attending. Also, this course requires you have an intimate partner or are willing to be fixed up with a conscious partner.

Next course coming in early 2014. Stay tuned.


Testimonial from a Sex Magic Graduate on Latihan








Depth and breadth meant nothing as

Did I graze the moss on a forest tree? Stroke the glistening fur of a baby seal?

I danced the mystery of Latihan.

Perhaps it was a his body… or a hers. Reach.

Touch. Touch more. she is She.


Connect me with a Yes

or maybe a Maybe.

I’ll leave with a No.


You feel so good; the taste of you soaks the air.

Touch me with a Yes.

A longing welcoming Yes.



The message you send steals into my consciousness. Almost imperceptible.

But there is no mistake.  You say YES.

Stay. Oh please stay. Blend your body into mine; let your touch awaken my soul.


I lean into your space.  Closer now and closer still until

I feel your breath on my face, your heart beating hard within an inch of mine.

My hands feel your outline slowly, ever so slowly, and find their way into your hair.

Your head leans backward inviting my mouth forward.


My invisible kiss does not even bend your lip

but your heart stops

in time with mine.


Your touch pulls the very breath from my body and mine yours.

You drink me in and

I pour myself into you.  We are one.


Be brave dear one, but be careful with my heart for I am naked in your hands.


- Steve C., Sex Magic Graduate, Phoenix, AZ

Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual

What You Will Experience

Talk about experiences to top all experiences try Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual a new course offered by Butterfly Workshops! In this course you will learn what only the masters knew for centuries!

You will benefit both from the practice of sacred ritual and your flow with a partner in a new realm, a new universe. Perhaps this is something you’ve always dreamed of, but never knew how to access. Your participation in this course will leave you feeling like the star of a Rumi poem!

What Exactly Happens in the Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual Course

What to expect in the Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual Course

  • Emotional Clearing – clearing the inner space for the unknown
  • Latihan Pratice – moving/being in the unknown, surrender
  • Building an Intimate Altar – Preparing Space for Ritual
  • How to Practice Sex Magic Ritual – Instruction on Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually Offering Blessings to the Goddess within all Women
  • How to Practice Intimate Puja – Instruction on Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually Offering Blessings to the God within all Men

Note: This course includes activities explicit in nature and nudity. There will not be a time in group where there will be sexual activity or nudity, however you must attend this course with a partner with whom you would feel comfortable sharing deep intimacy (for the purposes of practice) even if this person is not your intimate other.

Who Should Consider Participating?

The Sex Magic & Intimate Ritual Course is for couples and partners. You must participate fully with the person you attend with even if he/she is not your regular intimate partner. There is so much to be gained that I am posting this 3 minute video from the previous participants. They volunteered to do it!

Beyond Dinner Film Wins Award!

Film Based on Gate Dinner (pronounced ga-tay)

The film that is based on the Gate Dinner that many of you have participated in at the three day Ecstasy: Advanced Tantra course Beyond Dinner won for “Best Short” film at the Erotikos Film Festival in Jamaica in mid September. Recently the film had its US Premiere at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas on October 13th where it was inducted into the museum along with the other festival winners. What an honor!

Beyond Dinner Follows the Basic Principles of Gate Dinner

The women and men are seated on pillows on the floor in the dining area for Beyond Dinner. In order to give people room to shift and spread out for the ritual feast, the floor is best.  The banquet is approximately eight courses for this special dinner. First I offer a workshop on setting boundaries so everyone knows how to say “Yes” and how to say “No.”  They also learn how to say “Not now, maybe later.” This is fundamental before the feast begins.

To begin we do a meditation where everyone goes into and stays in their highest heart space, a space of honoring from the divine, the God or Goddess within throughout the event. After the meditation, the first course of flowers petals and rose water is served to cleanse the body with heart vibration. The couples each sip a bit of rose water and then anoint their partners with petals honoring the energy centers of the body, the Chakras.

The excitement really begins when the men are instructed to leave the partner they arrived with and move to the next woman in the circle. And so it goes…with each course, the men move thus all participants have a chance to experience feeding and being fed by others in the room. Courses consist of red wine, juicy orgasmic chocolate dessert before the meat and potatoes are served to give a sense of the forbidden. Oh, and did I say there are no utensils, but there’s plenty of wine. As the evening progresses and the guests get more relaxed, they experiment with different sensuous ways of feeding and eating. ALL IN FUN AND HONOR mind you!

Beyond Dinner Film has a Twist

In this film version of our dinner ritual, Beyond Dinner takes us in a different direction because a couple arrives at the dinner who have no experience with Tantra, with Butterfly Workshops, with anything that we’re doing.  They’ve never participated in a ritual, never breathed and squeezed. Nothing. So, things take some interesting turns as they navigate through the experience.

I don’t want to tell you too much! I will tell you it is funny, educational, beautiful, sexy, sensuous – EROTIC! I really want you to see the film for yourself! And you can NOW ORDER the film for only $2.99 to rent and $5.99 to download. When you click on the trailer, you’ll discover how to order the film.

Here’s the trailer so you can get some idea of how smokin’ this film is.

Your feedback is most appreciated!